Pumpkins are orange. Carrots are orange. Oranges are orange. Sometimes, it’s best paired with brown or black to create an unique combination.

What makes orange special? Well, orange would be perfect for Halloween, especially for jack-o-lanterns. It is usually the color of the prisoners’ uniforms. It is most commonly seen in highways through traffic cones and (sometimes) safety jackets to warn the passers-by of dangers ahead. Orange is commonly used for promoting awareness and prevention of self-injury. Its closer color, deep saffron, is the sacred color of Hinduism and the color of the Buddhist monk’s robes.

Orange signifies a variety of things: autumn, warning, Halloween, fire, optimism, warmth, ambition, etc. It is the most flamboyant color among all colors. Remember, three words best describes orange: vibrant, significant, helpful.

Bright as it is, it would make a nice color this Halloween season, whether for fun, or on the road. For the (pumpkin) jack-o-lanterns, it’s your month!





From Holidays To The First Few Months Of A New Year

I used to remember how much I love holidays, especially Christmas and New Year. It was indeed the most happiest celebration of the year, and this year’s celebration doubles the happiness. More than just get together, good food and great entertainment, it is the season to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Normally, we would celebrate before and during Christmas and New Year, enjoying the feast and having fun. It usually starts at around dinner time until midnight, and continues the next day. It is the best holiday season I ever had, as of this writing.

As the New Year starts, there is looking forward to summer season. Back to class, back to the usual weekend escapades, and about the time I started doing some sketches. Speaking of sketches, there was this art work that we need to do: body figure. Since I based my work on one of my childhood pictures, this was indeed quite difficult at first and I actually photocopied six copies of it. I’m trying to search my personal stashes everywhere about it.

The usual fun upon nearing the end of the school year would be the presentation. It was great working with the group and of course there goes the fun while trying to have our rehearsal while most of the students are already outside the school. Since there was also a graduation practice, we weren’t able to do it and decided to walk up to the nearest highway.

And there comes the last day of school, I imagine myself standing in the middle of the open grounds, the wind rushing through me. As much as I enjoy this school year, the next one would be almost the exact opposite. And it was the last year of high school as well.


A voice called me in the darkness. It seemed to be mature and more of a grown up’s.

“You heard me right?” he asked.

I turned around and see a scary shadow coming towards me. As he came closer, his face reveals the face of a different man, entirely different from the person I once knew. He was… actually a friend of mine.

“Y-you… Are you—?”

“Remember me right?” my friend asked. His hair is raised and more of an animated look and he was wearing all black, with a touch of a mystifying red scarf tied on his left wrist.

“What happened to you?” I asked as I suddenly noticed the red scarf showing a darker stain… somewhat resembling blood. But it is.

“I’m all right…” he said as I gasped at what I just thought.

“Tell me the truth then,” I asked, squinting at him a bit. “What happened to you? And what is that handkerchief tied to your wrist?” I couldn’t believe at what I’ve said, like I did confront him right at a certain curiosity.

“It would be better if you wouldn’t know.”

I gulped a bit then smiled at him. “I know… I shouldn’t have confronted you.”

He gently touched the tied red scarf on his wrist. “Someday, you’ll realize… that happiness doesn’t always last.” He bowed at me and turned around. “Until then… I don’t know when will we meet again but I’m afraid that would be impossible.”

I watched my friend vanished in the darkness. I looked below and I saw a note with a small drop of blood. I picked it up, and I saw nothing but these words: I’M SORRY, BUT YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH. Without further ado, I keep the note on my trench coat and headed for home.

Once I thought… was he really dying? Or was he not? It’s getting complicated anyway. Without knowing the truth first, the conclusion would be rather inaccurate.

To be continued soon…

Fascinations And Interests

Since that October, I have discovered a lot of great things… Whether it’s music, ability or TV shows, if it’s interesting, I’ll put my heart into it. Of course, there goes my angst about going back to that less powerful machine, but it’s where I began this amazing talent–writing.

The scent of incense, Hawaiian Coconut, on a rainy day would always set my mind to ease. That sure brought back the times when I was into watching animé, playing video games (on the old PC), and listening to a smooth jazz station. I always browse through the computer magazines that I’ve bought during that time and making lists about anything.

Sure, a lot of things happened and that was during the semestral break. That scent, that rainy weather, that amazing animé, and everything worth the fascination, would always keep me cheerful and motivated for whatever reason. You could never forget those times, just looking back at it would prove to be nostalgic.

After almost two weeks of semestral break, I’m set to return to school but even there, great things await me. There were times when I feel like I want to draw these favorite characters, watching animé when I have the chance (especially Saturday mornings), and listening to my favorite smooth jazz station on my pocket radio. It may be strange, but I’m enjoying every part of it.

There was this smooth jazz station that I accidentally tuned in to, yet I was immediately hooked up by an unfamiliar sound. It was wonderful. Due to curiosity, I decided to listen to it for a few days. It was quite a discovery, and so I’ve been listening to smooth jazz (as the format is) ever since.

How I started writing and drawing my favorite characters, playing RPGs while listening to my favorite smooth jazz station… these are to be written on the future posts.

A Lot Of Great Things And Unexpected Surprises

Third year is finally here… Despite having to miss watching my favorite shows due to the schedule of my classes in the afternoon, still I’m enjoying every part of it. For instance though, I was able to join my best friends (BFFs) after class, a few of my classmates in first year became my classmates the second time around, and some teachers from the past two years became my teachers for this school year. In school’s foundation day, I had a chance to meet my classmate for two consecutive years and is now in the morning class.

But what’s great about this school year comes in threes: my classmates are truly the nicest aside from the ones in first year high, I could finally hang out with the BFFs, and I won’t be encountering the bully person for the time being and it’s 100% great! Much like what I’ve expected, this is my favorite school year along with first year.

Also, I had the thrill of playing some RPG games I could never play with my dear old (first) PC. Somehow though, the faster PC (which is a laptop) had a problem with the hard drive and it’s back to a much simpler one, never mind the enjoyment of such RPG games requiring much power for it to run smoothly.

Then there’s the school tour, which took place on a Sunday. Some of the historical places, we never get to visit but it’s fun anyway. And with a pocket radio in hand, I discovered something that I’ll surely love up to the time I wrote this. Details on the next post.

So there again… I’m hoping to share more stories from the Timeline series. Expect more to come!

June 24, 2008… The Kin Keihan Times has launched on Friendster Blogs. For three years, I’ve constantly updating the site with articles and literary pieces, simply what needs to be expressed. Somehow, it’s still a personal blog, despite having posted a few informative articles, hoping to get more visits and more comments.

Fast forward 2012–At this point, I’ve posted more than 50 articles and literary pieces including those posted on the original Kin Keihan Times which was formerly hosted on Friendster Blogs before its demise in 2011. Though it had come a long way, and through transition stages and three blog hosting sites, it maintained its quaint, personal feel just like when it first started yet leaning towards informative and general interest. It had its spin-offs, its Literary Corner and The World According To KCOX (via Tumblr). The aim is to express and inform.

It’s like a biography of situations, the Kin Keihan Times is. Somehow, it was slowly improving, developing and growing into a typical blog aiming at the public, and not just a small group of people. It will continue, for as long as I have the passion to write and to express.

Again, Happy 4th Anniversary In The Cyberspace to the Kin Keihan Times!

kcox105: hi everyone, today is such a boring day…
fictionalcharacter1: hi kcox105, how’s it goin’
kcox105: it’s fine, btw never seen you before
fictionalcharacter1: well, we see each other now
fictionalcharacter1: ‘cept it’s online
kcox105: are we supposed to have this kind of conversation?
fictionalcharacter1: we’re chatting right now, you see
kcox105: well, that’s communication
fictionalcharacter1: supposedly it is
kcox105: is there a way we could meet offline?
fictionalcharacter1: sure, let’s meet then
kcox105: gotta log off now